Trade & Logistics

International Trade

With integration of domestic sales and international trade, B.M. mainly imports high-quality iron & steel raw materials from Australia, Brazil, South Africa, India, Peru, Chile,Canada, Russia, Ukraine and other countries. Relying on its solid financial strength, B.M. keeps expanding the procuring channels of iron & steel raw materials and maintains a stable and friendly cooperation with the leading iron & steel raw material producers around the world. In the domestic market, based on its strong marketing and service network centered in Ningbo Port, radiating axially along Yangtze River and towards southern and northern directions covering Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Jiangsu,Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Shandong, Shanxi, Hebei, Sichuan, Guangdong and their surrounding areas, B.M.utilizes its long-term, cost-effective and convenient domestic waterway and railway logistics chains to better satisfy the customers' needs and provide with a high-grade and integrated service.

Targeting at the broad market of iron & steel raw material trading, B.M. has developed and expanded its international trade business by establishment of stable supply channels for overseas resources and utilization of innovative, efficient and convenient means for ocean transportation. An integrated trading (purchase- transportation & distribution–sale) network for iron & steel raw materials has taken shape. Moreover, being aware of the weak domestic transport capacity which poses a bottleneck to the trade, B.M. set foot in modern logistics. A comprehensive logistics network has been built up and the trading & logistics chain has been optimized.

B.M. Logistics

B.M. is the advocator and practitioner of continuous innovation concept among domestic iron & steel logistics & trade enterprises. It lays great stress on innovative management philosophy, always takes the lead in the industry, and makes efforts to lower the logistics cost to share benefits with customers.

B.M. set foot in the field of logistics and has now established an integrated river-ocean logistics & distribution network.

B.M. has a large-scale commodity storage & distribution base in the golden waterway of Jiujiang - "Wharf 214" with a 5,000-dwt berth. Besides, a specialized bulk terminal in Taicang Wugang boasts its extraordinary advantages for berthing and stockpiling and has enjoyed a great popularity among customers with its unique geographic location and excellent service.

BM Shipping in Hongkong is mainly engaged in chartering, operation and sale & purchase of vessels. It has built up a long-term cooperation with domestic steel mills and prestigious iron ore producers around the world and is planning to set up its own ocean shipping fleet.